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Kind Words:


“Bro. Stephen is a traveler.  A musical Jack Kerouac, moving from town to town across America, letting the experiences and landscapes sink into his being, eventually allowing them to flow out in the form of his gentle, yet powerful music.” –We Listen For You

“Brother Stephen delivers the goods, showcasing a pastoral sound informed by Nick Drake, Bedhead’s sparse and slow-burning acoustic offerings, the introspective vibe of Sparklehorse, and a touch of good Fairport Convention, transmitting the sort of vibe of an artist who came of age with punk, but realized the acoustic axe coupled with sonic space could be a more devastating divining rod. Fans of Hush Arbors,Vetiver, and The Skygreen Leopards would do well to take notice.” – The Decibel Tolls



“Telephone Too” off of the LEM EP (out on XRA Reccords/Flannelgraph Records)


Gladwin EP (tour only)



“GGM” off of the Gladwin EP (tour only)

The Front Room

“The Front Room” off of the Front Room EP (out of print)

Press Photos:

photo by Tara Rudolph/Pretty Bird Studios

photo by Davy Rudolph/Pretty Bird Studtios

photo by Davy Rudolph/Pretty Bird Studios

Press Quotes:

“Kirkpatrick played us a great set of his songs. Keep an eye on this guy, he’s good.” “Scott is a truly great songwriter.” – BackseatSandbar.com


“Bare Wood” LIVE @ The 930 in Louisville, KY

Interview with Backseat Sandbar

“Shepherd’s Cane” as performed with Mike Dixon (worth the extra click)

Brother Stephen – Shepherd’s Cane from Torlando Hakes on Vimeo.