About Bro. Stephen:

Bro. Stephen is a project of Scott Kirkpatrick who is also the force behind indie-rock band Chemic. Originally conceived as a songwriting exercise, Bro. Stephen has come to mean much more. Pulling from a childhood of being a preacher’s son, a deep collection of poor decisions, and a constant struggle with Narcolepsy, the songs of Bro. Stephen are a casual dart game: the sound of ennui.

Despite it’s relatively recent inception, Bro. Stephen headed out on the road in 2009 on a national tour playing songs off of his upcoming debut record and armed with hand-made copies of The Front Room EP which was a collection of demos Kirkpatrick had recorded on a cassette tape machine. Along the way Bro. Stephen has supported acts like The Fiery Furnaces, Sun Kil Moon, Anni Rossi, DM Stith, The Daredevil Christopher Wright, and Vandaveer, and finished the recording of its debut album Baptist Girls, a record that was largely recorded on an old farm in Northern Indiana.

Bro. Stephen also released an EP for the Laminar Excursion Monthly in September of 2010. Keep an eye out for the Patrons of the Arts 7″ and the Baptist Girls full-length both out on XRA Records in 2011.