I’m hitting the road in 10 days! Chances are, I’ll be playing somewhere within driving distance of where you are soon.

Feb. 17th | Bloomington, IN @ In-store @ Landlocked w/ Lydia Loveless

Feb. 17th | Bloomington, IN @ Record Release Show at Russian Recording w/ Mike Adams At His Honest Weight and Busman’s Holiday

Feb. 18th | Muncie, IN @ Village Green Records w/ State Park

Feb. 19th | South Bend, IN @ Quincy’s w/ John Davey

Feb. 20th | Grand Rapids, MI @ 815 Watson St SE w/ Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good to Me), Nathan K (limited seating! Email danclimie@gmail.com for a spot on the guest list)

Feb. 21st | Lansing, MI @ Deep Pink w/ Nathan K, Those Willows

Feb. 22nd | Kalamazoo, MI @ No Fun House w/ Glowfriends

Feb. 23rd | Ypsilanti, MI @ Woodruff’s w/ Gun Lake

Feb. 24th | Toledo, OH @ In-store  @ Culture Clash

Feb. 24th | West Lafayette, IN @ Greyhouse

Feb. 25th | Indianapolis, IN @ LUNA Music w/ husband&wife, Rodeo Ruby Love, and Metavari

Feb. 26th | Nashville, TN @ The Dirks’ House w/ Seth Wood, Mackenzie Scott

Feb. 27th | St. Louis, MO @ The Heavy Anchor w/ Arthur and The Librarians

Feb. 28th | Bowling Green, KY @ tba w/ Brooks Ritter, Great State

March 1st | Springfield, IL @ Missy’s House w/ John Davey

March 2nd | Peoria, IL @ 2020 House w/ Rory Toelle and The Old Adage

March 4th | Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman’s w/ Golden Coins, Paul

March 5th | Minneapolis, MN @ Steady Print Shop w/ Kalispell

March 6th | Eau Claire, WI @ The Mouse Trap w/ Kalispell

March 8th | Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR w/ Molly Sullivan

March 9th | Ft. Wayne, IN @ The Dash-In w/ Lee Miles

March 10th | Lexington, KY @ CD Central In-store

March 11th | Louisville, KY @ RYE on Market

March 13th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

March 14th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

March 15th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

March 16th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

March 17th | Austin, TX @ SXSW