Baptist Girls is officially in stores today! Please, please, please go down to your local record shop and pick it up or tell them to order it if they haven’t. There are a number of awesome stores who will definitely have it in stock and in their listening stations soon so you should definitely hit up these cool stores like Birdland in Virginia Beach, CD Central in Lexington KY, Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis, Landlocked in Bloomington IN, Criminal in Atlanta, End of An Ear in Austin, Grimey’s in Nashville, or even M-Theory in San Diego. There are lots more where that came from, but the message is go out and pick it up from your record store if you can. If they don’t have it, they can easily order it.

Definitely go pick one up at a local record store, but if for some reason you don’t like having beautiful things in your hands, you can still score some super high-quality digital files on the XRA Bandcamp! Also, you can, of course, still get it at the XRA Webstore.

I will talk more about my thoughts on the record in a second, but wanted to share some tour dates with you! Do you like tour dates? ‘Cause I’ve got them. Tell a friend, tell a frenemy, tell a family member, tell a shut-in. I’m coming your way if you life in the Midwest and I can’t wait to see everyone!

(This list will be updated often so keep checking out the tour page!)

Feb. 17th | Bloomington, IN @ In-store @ Landlocked w/ Lydia Loveless

Feb. 17th | Bloomington, IN @ Record Release Show at Russian Recording w/ Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

Feb. 18th | Muncie, IN @ Village Green Records w/ State Park

Feb. 19th | South Bend, IN @ Quincy’s w/ John Davey

Feb. 20th | Grand Rapids, MI @ 815 Watson St SE w/ Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good to Me), Nathan K (limited seating! Email for a spot on the guest list)

Feb. 21st | Lansing, MI @ tba w/ Nathan K

Feb. 22nd | Kalamazoo, MI @ No Fun House w/ Glowfriends

Feb. 23rd | Ypsilanti, MI @ Woodruff’s w/ Gun Lake

Feb. 24th | Toledo, OH @ In-store  @ Culture Clash

Feb. 25th | Indianapolis, IN @ tba

Feb. 26th | Nashville, TN @ The Dirks’ House w/ Seth Wood

Feb. 27th | St. Louis, MO @ The Heavy Anchor

Feb. 28th | Bowling Green, KY @ tba

March 1st | Springfield, IL @ tba

March 2nd | Peoria, IL @ 2020 House

March 4th | Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman’s w/ Golden Coins, Jay Flash

March 5th | Minneapolis, MN @ tba w/ Kalispell

March 6th | Eau Claire, WI @ The Mouse Trap w/ Kalispell

March 8th | Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR w/ Molly Sullivan

March 11th | Louisville, KY @ tba

March 13th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

March 14th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

March 15th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

March 16th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

March 17th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

Now for some thoughts on the record:

I almost can’t believe it. I started recording Baptist Girls back in September of 2009 with Mike Adams and Adam Jessup in Warsaw, IN in a converted chicken barn. I’m not quite sure what happened between then and now, but apparently I did enough to have this record come out. It’s Release Day! I’m really like a proud Dad over here. I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to not have to tell you that my full-length will be out soon. I’ve been saying that since the first BS tour in ’09. I wasn’t lying or trying to sound cooler than I am (which is totally not cool), but I really thought it was so close that whole time.

I have found out recently that I’m pretty badly mistaken when it comes to a lot of big things. It has taken me over 2 years to make Baptist Girls a reality and those 2+ years have been some of the weirdest, hardest, depressing, and fun times in my life. I have met so many good and kind people over the last few years who have been so incredibly supportive of me (and my music) and I definitely don’t deserve having such great friends.

If Mike and Adam weren’t so great at recording, the record wouldn’t sound good. If Dave wasn’t so good at laying out artwork and fixing up old photos, then the record wouldn’t look cool. If Laura wasn’t a really incredible artist with a delicate sensibility and eye for capturing powerful moments then there wouldn’t be an awesome comic book coming your way. If Cheyenne and Dixon weren’t really profound musicians and masters of their craft, the record wouldn’t be as colored as it is. If my dear friends Sean and Brittanie didn’t let me sleep in their upstairs for free for countless weeks I would have spent a lot of nights sleeping in my car. If an almost innumerable number of folks wouldn’t have given a chance to some guy they didn’t know and booked a show for Bro. Stephen, I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am right now (which is a really healthy and exciting place). I’m not trying to be super sappy, but I really have been blessed with the people around me and  it’s ever so evident when a lot of people’s hard work makes it possible for me to create a record that is really meaningful to me and very much the record I always wanted to make. Thanks for making it possible guys.