It couldn’t be avoided. The last week of tour is upon us. It has been a lot of fun and I can’t thank everyone enough who has come, chatted with me, housed me, fed me, or bought a 7″. You are all the best.

The past couple weeks have been pretty earth shattering for me in a personal and very good way. I won’t get into it here, but I really feel positive about the direction my personal life is going. I feel healthy and excited about it more than I have in years. This is a good thing. I don’t get too personal on here very often and there are various reasons for that, but it feels good to say all this (even if its veiled). I have a long way to go before I get there, but I’m going there.

That being said, I’ve got 4 shows left which are not to be forgotten and they are the only places where you will be able to buy my new 7″ until it officially releases in November. Get on it! In these next few shows I will make triumphant returns to Louisville, Muncie and Michigan (FINALLY) and I was a last minute addition to the awesome Each Note Secure Day Party in Cincinnati tomorrow for MPMF. My set last night at MPMF was awesome and fun. This I think will be even better.


Also, I got to meet Marc Maron today and somehow managed to not go total-crazy-fan-boy on him. I’m going to see his set in Louisville tonight as well! You should check him out. His podcast has literally changed my life. I have listened to approx 40 WTF episodes on this tour and it’s been awesome. It has cured me of sleepy driving problems. I wish I could be a spokesperson for the podcast, but he doesn’t need me. (Warning: Mom and Dad, he uses bad language and you won’t like it.)


Without further adieu:

09 24 11 | Cincinnati, OH @ Each Note Secure’s MPMF Official Day-Party w/ Nerves Junior (2:15 set time)

09 25 11 | Louisville, KY @ Uncle Slayton’s w/ Chamberlain

09 26 11 | Muncie, IN @ Tulo’s Place (611 W Ashland) w/ Cowboy Angels, Support the Troopz

09 27 11 | Mount Pleasant, MI @ Midwest Fest Pre-Party at Mount Pleasant Brewery w/ Wavvy Hands