As I said, unfortunately I didn’t take any pics in Eau Claire, but that wasn’t because we didn’t have a good time. We had a bunch of friends come in from Minneapolis which was so so awesome of them. Cassie even made me a cake. It was delicious. After the show we all went out for pizza at Buzzy’s and the owner was the nicest buy I’ve come across in a business in a long time. He gave us half-off our order and gave us a bunch of other free food too. What a guy!

After EC, we drove to Milwaukee for our show at the MIAD Union. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but I was executed to get to see Paul Rabe play who is a great dude/musician who I randomly ran into/chatted with in Michigan when I was visiting family over Thanksgiving. He set up the show for us which was really awesome of him.

As soon as we got to The Union we got word about Scott Walker back-dooring in his new policies like a snake which definitely almost ruined the whole night for everyone. Fortunately, we had a really fun night ahead of us. Paul played first and had some really great songs. Everybody was really into it. I’m sure we’ll play together more in the future and I’m looking forward to seeing him progress further and further.

We played after Paul and it felt like our best set yet. After us was Golden Coins which is a dude named Travis Whitty. He was really incredible. It was such a total and pleasant surprise when he started playing. We all agreed that he had some truly great songs and a really cool sound. Definitely can’t wait to see him play again. On top of that, he was such an incredibly kind dude. Thanks Travis!

After the show we went back to Shane’s parents and totally blissed out since each of us got our own bed. It was prime living. Shane’s mom was the sweetest and his dog Maggie was super chill.

We drove to Indy the next morning all super excited for our show with Laura Balke and Neil Kjeldsen. I’ve gushed about Laura and Neil before so I’ll spare you the fan-boy talk, but the night exceeded all expectations which were pretty high. The Sneaky Bandit is definitely one of the coolest house venues I’ve ever come across. We had such a great time and we partied pretty hard. Laura was amazing as always and Kurt and Shane sat in with her on her songs and it sounded so good.

We played after and I think some people didn’t hate it. After us was Neil, who was as amazing as ever. I seriously get chills every time I play. GO BUY HIS NEW EP! I took some videos of his songs and this one is my favorite. It’s a tune called “Methodist Lift”.