We had a show get canceled in South Bend which was a bummer and we already had a free day after that so we were able to take our time getting up to Eau Claire. On the way up, we stopped at the Henry Vilas Zoo where you may remember, I have spent time previously.

We had a great time there and took lots of photos. We even witnessed a giraffe fight! It was one of the most surreal things I’ve seen in awhile.


I’ll post the pictures after the break. I forgot to take pictures in Eau Claire, but we picked up Shane (our drummer) up there and it has been awesome to get to play with the same drummer for more than one night. Also, he’s an awesome addition to the atmosphere of the band. If you haven’t seen us yet, you only have a few more nights to do so on this tour! I’ll do my best to keep you all up to speed on the shows. I’ll try to post some photos/videos from Milwaukee 2 nights ago which was an awesome show. Same with last night in Indianapolis which was easily one of our favorite shows so far.