We are 2 shows into the fall tour and things are looking pretty great so far.

Before the shows though, we finally got Baptist Girls mixed in Bloomington, and then I went to Louisville and had the record mastered with Kevin Ratterman at The Funeral Home. I had a great time hanging out with Kevin and watching him work his magic on the recordings. He did a really great job and now we are one step closer to having a couple Bro. Stephen releases in your hands. Don’t worry vinyl lovers, I’ve heard there will be lots for you.

We played in Louisville on Friday night at NULU Blackbox with Dane Waters and got to see so many of our friends. It was the first full-band show we’ve done and we had our good friend Tim Harris filling in on drums for us. Everything went great despite a little bit of sound issues. The crowd seemed really into it and they were incredibly generous which is helpful since gas prices are so high. Thank you very much Louisville. I hope you enjoyed it. If you missed the show, we’ll be playing in Bowling Green on the 13th and it will be well worth the drive because we’re playing with our good buddies Action! from Nashville. They are so so good.

On Saturday we played in Bloomington which is always just ridiculously fun. We got to share the bill with Memory Map who are some  of my favorite dudes and also another local band called Brownie Mountain. The band The Extraordinaires played too. Lots of friends and great tunes abounded as well as lots of sleepy folks since the show didn’t even start until 11:30. Despite the crowd being more talkative than normal, the set went really well and again we seemed to get great responses. There is a video or two of the set and as soon as I find out how to link to it, I will put something up here for you all to see. Of course, you should really see it for yourself.

Seeing is believing.
We just got into Eau Claire and are excited for our show tomorrow night with Meridene. More info and pictures to come. We went to the zoo today in Madison and got some great footage.


Be easy.