Hello again friends. I know it’s been a hot one since I updated on here, but there is good reason. The very night of my last show on tour found me driving until 3am to get to Bloomington where I promptly got picked up first thing in the morning to start work in South Carolina. Since then, my job has had me in Chicago, Georgia (twice), Florida (twice), Virginia, and an upcoming trip to Boston. I’ve definitely been busy with work, but also busy with Bro. Stephen things. There are LOTS of new songs, new records, new merchandise and new shows coming your way. I have been busy booking the spring tour and I am happy to tell you that most of the kinks have been worked out and we have some really exciting shows coming up.
Before I let you know about the specifics of the dates, I wanted to let you know a few really exciting tidbits. First is that this tour will be really special in a new way for me. I won’t be touring with any other bands, but this time out Bro. Stephen will be spreading the gospel as a four-piece. Joining me in the band on this tour are some really wonderful dudes who you will all love. In technicolor alphabetical order they are the following: Ben Rich (from Louisville, KY), Kurt Friedrich (from Bloomington, IN and from the band Rodeo Ruby Love), and Shane Leonard (from Eau Claire, WI and from the band The Stoop Singers). They are all incredibly talented and should make this tour even more fun than ever before.
Another little piece of news can be found on the Crossroads of America Records website under the “Good Touch/Bad Touch” article.

Ok. Here’s the goods:

February 26 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Southgate House – The Seedy Seeds Record Release show w/ The Seedy Seeds, Bad Veins, Rodeo Ruby Love, Flotation Walls, Cheyenne Mize, Englishman + more [Advanced Ticketssolo show
March 4 – Louisville, KY @ NuLu BlackBox w/ Dane Waters, IamIs

March 5 – Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop w/ The Extraordinaires, Memory Map, Brownie Mountain

March 6 – Goshen, IN @ The Rad Patch w/ John Davey, Nathan Edwin

March 8 – Eau Claire, WI @ The Grand Little Theatre w/ Meridene, Adelyn Rose

March 9 – Milwaukee, WI @ MIAD’s The Union w/ Golden Coins, Paul Rabe

March 10 – Indianapolis, IN @ Sneaky Bandit w/ Laura Balke, Neil Kjeldsen

March 11 – Peoria, IL @ Ullrich’s w/ Jared Bartman, Dastardely

March 12 – Upland, IN @ Taylor University w/ Burke Sullivan, The Parade Schedule

March 13 – Bowling Green, KY @ The Blue House w/ Action!

March 14 – Murfreesboro, TN @ Gilligan’s w/ Action!Hanzelle, BLOW!

See you there?