After our “Cribs” episode in Bryan, we headed to Austin where our show was kind of canceled and then uncanceled and obviously going to be a little disappointing. We played at a bizarre bar (please tell me there’s a bar named that) called The Carousel Lounge which was a circus themed spot comprised of mostly older locals and a gigantic paper-mache elephant on the staging area (which also was situated right in front of the ladies restroom.

Show Info:

Location: The Carousel Lounge in Austin, TX

Date: 10.20.10

With: Paper Mache Elephant

The show was a bit of a bummer, but we did get to hang out with my buds Adam, Jacob, and Sarah which was fun. After the show we (John, Adam, Jacob and I) met up with Trevor and we traveled around looking for a good spot to shoot some video for Trevor and Jacob’s new site called Sleepy Cell which was a lot of fun. They were great guys and I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with. They’ve got some cool videos on their site already of Micah P. Hinson with more coming from Doug Burr, Telegraph Canyon, Paleo, Dignan, yours truly and more! Check them out and support what they’re doing for sure.


After the video stuff, Adam took us to a great diner where I ordered WAY too much food, but it was all delicious. We then went back to his place and walked around his gigantic apartment complex which had a weird lazy river flowing throughout the whole place like a theme park. It was very odd, but pretty cool and made for good walkin + talkin time.



The next morning John and I headed out to see my buddy Britton at Ramble Creek Studios and hung out with him for quite awhile. He was gracious enough to give us a tour of his gorgeous studio and set aside some time in his day to chat with us. It was a really great time.


After hanging with Britton for awhile we headed out to Houston where were playing at Fitzgeralds. We got there pretty early so we found a watering hole nearby and killed some time Lone Star style.

Show Info:

Location: Fitzgeralds in Houston, TX

Date: 10.21.10

With: Ellis.Atlantic, Ellypseas, and Disfrutalo!

We didn’t really know what to expect from this show, but from the get-go all of the Fitzgerald’s staff were the most welcoming folks of any big venue I’ve ever played. Somehow we had made friends with every Fitzgeralds employee before the show even started. John and I played first and even sang a few songs together which confused a few people into thinking we were brothers for some reason. Also, one person there genuinely thought that I was David Bazan. This isn’t the first time this has happened on this tour.


Ellis.Atlantic played after us and were really fun. They had great alt-country songs and the crowd was super into it which made it an incredible set all around. I found out later that it was their first show which blew my mind. Nick and Kathy were incredibly kind and fun. Thanks guys!


Rounding out the end of the night was Ellypseas which is a genre-bending, mind-melding soul-pop band. They played to a full room regardless of the number of people who were still there. I was really impressed. I had a really great time watching their set. They were nice too! Apparently everyone in Houston is nice. We got to meet so many super cool new folks. It was really nice to hang out Paul, Didi, Tim, Ellen, Cole, Mark, Matt, and everyone else whose name I forgot. Great great time.





We left Houston with just enough time to make it to Baton Rouge on time for what sounded like it would be a fun show. We were told it was going to be a house show on a rooftop and we were pretty excited. However, our expectations were all wrong.

Show Info:

Location: Basho’s Palace in Baton Rouge, LA

Date: 10.22.10

With: Erin Miley


When I say our expectations were all wrong, nothing could have prepared us for the hospitality and great show that awaited us. Our new friend Vicki cooked us some amazing vegan gumbo which we devoured before the show and we just hung out with Josh (who set the show up), his awesome girlfriend Michelle, and a bunch of other folks from the neighborhood who were just hanging out and waiting for the show.




Josh, Mitch, Michelle, and Vicki and everyone responsible for making the show happen are some of my new favorite people. We set up out on the roof of this house and Josh hung some Chinese lanterns to help cement the vibe. It was definitely the most ideal situation for a show I’ve come across in a long time. There a ton of folks there and it seems like they were all excited about the show and enjoying the music and genuinely good folks. I met some great folks like Lance and Erin, Michael, Jen, Kelly and Will, Erin Miley, Brent, Darren, and a whole lot more. It was definitely a highlight of our tour. I feel indebted to Josh and everyone else for making me feel so welcome. I feel like I have a lot of new friends in Baton Rouge and that is a great feeling.




Erin Miley played after us and she was great. She had a violin player who really worked well with Erin’s well-written songs. They songs were thoughtful, engaging, and obviously heartfelt. Erin has a great thing going and everyone there seemed to already be big fans and for good reason.



That night John had an amazing set. The crowd was entranced and it’s very gratifying to see such a great performer and songwriter play to a crowd who is really appreciating what they’re hearing.

After the show John hung out with some of his Baton Rouge buds while I went with Josh, Michelle, and Brent to meet up with a bunch of folks at The Spanish Moon to see the Illinois band Elsinore play. Josh got me in for free which was really nice because I’m definitely short on cash. Elsinore kind of blew me away. They are just so incredibly pro at everything they do. They were doing 4-part harmonies and ripping through every single song. Obviously they have been touring a lot and for a long time. They kind of reminded me of a poppier, more Northern J Roddy Walston and The Business (who I adore). I’d love to see the bands tour together someday. That’d be awesome. We all started crashing pretty hard so Michelle drove us home and I got to sleep in a bed! It was glorious. Truly.


The next morning we went to breakfast with Josh, Michelle, and Darren and got some dank nugs. I had an egg n cheese sandwich with lots of sprouts and hot sauce. I loved every second of it.

After that delicious breakfast, we made the short drive to New Orleans where we were going to meet up with my old buddy Matt who I hadn’t seen for 3 years or so. My hopes were set high for NOLA.