The driving never stops, and we made our way to Topeka where John’s buddy Thad set us up to play in Topeka at a place called Quinton’s Bar and Deli.


Show Info:

Location: Quinton’s Bar and Deli in Topeka, KS

Date: 10.17.10

With: nobody

We didn’t really know what to expect, but John had some friends in town from the last few times he’d played in Topeka so we knew there’d be a few friendly faces. We set up next the arcade games in this restaurant and played to some friends and a table of strangers.

What easily could have been a huge bust ended up being one of our best shows so far. The table of strangers happened to be wonderful people (thanks Kylie and Kevin!) and they loved our music and bought records and even gave us a little incentive to keep playing. It was amazing. Then, we both sold some records to the other folks who came out so it ended up being a great time.

After the show we headed back to Thad’s place to crash and chill out. We hung out with his dog Cadence and took it easy. What  a great time. For some reason I thought our drive to Oklahoma City was only bout 3 hours (it’s over 5) and that we had to be there by 10 (we were supposed to be there by 7), and I didn’t realize my mistake until it was almost too late. We had to pack up in a few minutes and split out of town for our show at Bora Bora.



We pulled up to Bora Bora a little after 8 and loaded into the club. It was a huge room with a bar, a few pool tables, a bunch of couches, a VIP lounge, and TONS of room.


Show Info:

Location: Bora Bora in Oklahoma City, OK

Date: 10.18.10

With: The Antler Thief and 2 more





Our now-good buddy Jeramy set the show up for us and we are eternally grateful for that. There were 5 acts on the bill and it was an all-around good night.

John’s buddy Caleb opened the show and did a really good job.

Jeramy’s band The Antler Thief were super cool.  They have violin and upright bass and have a nice edgy folk sound. Jeramy’s songs are really strong and I really liked their last song “Hello/Goodbye”.  Plus, they were the nicest guys. It was great to get to meet them.

The folks at Bora Bora were cool too! Our sound guy was a dude named Jacob and when we started talking, it turns out he’s from Brandenburg, KY and we have mutual friends! WEIRD! Small world.

After the show we went back to Jeramy, Kirk, and Tammy’s and they fed us and we stayed up hanging out. Tammy is an amazing artist and they had her work displayed everywhere. Also, she had the cutest cat named Yoshimi. Yoshimi and I became buds.






On our way to Bryan we decided to take our time and enjoy the sites. We found a roadside scenic outlook and chilled there for a little bit while taking in the grandeur of southern Oklahoma. We climbed rocks, read plaques, and collected our fair share of little deadly burrs.












Show Info:

Location: Stafford on Main in Bryan, TX

Date: 10.19.10


We left OKC for Bryan, TX where I had found a place for us to stay, but the guy didn’t live there anymore. I was going to meet up with his girlfriend so she could let us into the house, but as I’m sure you can tell, it seemed a little weird and maybe sketchy.

We showed up to the venue to find out that the show wasn’t happening which would have kind of been a devastating blow since we drove well over 6 hours to get there, but the place we were staying at ended up being totally legit and it is also a currently uninhabited mansion. We lived like kings for the night and went swimming at 1 in the morning. It was bliss. What is this life that I have?




Now off to Austin!