Frank and I left Chicago tired and in need of a chill show. We pulled into Milwaukee, which seems like a nice town, and loaded into Linneman’s for our show that night with Jay Flash.

Show Info:

Location: Linneman’s in Milwaukee, WI

Date: 10.10.10

With: Jay Flash and Tara Wright

I had only conversed with Jeff from Jay Flash via email so it was nice to meet him and hear his tunes. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was pretty blown away. His songs have kind of a folky Animal Collective/Atlas Sound type of feel that was really incredible.

After the show, Jeff let us crash at his place which was really appreciated and we stayed up talking in the kitchen. He’s a super nice dude and we had some mutual acquaintances which isn’t surprising because the more I travel, the smaller my world gets. That’s a good thing.


After leaving Milwaukee and saying our goodbyes to Jeff, we headed to Madison about which I had heard really great things. It had a very Bloomington-feel to it which made me feel instantly at home. The only problem was that I accidentally drove down State Street (where cars are not allowed) and I had a little trouble finding parking. Anyway, it’s a beautiful town and probably the most bike-friendly town I’ve ever been to.

Show Info:

Location: Project Lodge in Madison, WI

Date: 10.11.10

With: John Davey and Brett Newski

After some coffee time we headed to our show at Project Lodge which is this super sweet art gallery/venue. The sound guy was named James and he was super duper accommodating even though we didn’t really have many folks come out. I thought they were going to cancel the show on us, but a few folks came out last minute and saved the day! Unfortunately after Frank’s set he had to drive back home which ended our time together. Commence sad face. He’s got a bunch of touring that he’ll be doing and he’s got some sweet shows ahead. Remember to check out the dates.

After Frank played, Brett Newski got up and did his thing which was definitely a thing to behold. His songs were super energetic and folky and he rocked the harmonica like most singer/songwriters wish they could. He was a super nice dude and his songs are really catchy and fun. You should check him out. whaddaniceguy!

I played after him, and then John Davey played. I could go on and on about how good John is and I will soon enough. His set was flawless and affecting, heartfelt and impressive. The sound in the room was perfect and the natural reverb gave it a very cool vibe since we all played unplugged and without microphones.

After the show I got to meet a really nice guy named Ankur who came out to the show. I hope he liked it! Many thanks to James and the other Project Lodge folks for keeping such a sweet place open. It was a treat! John and I stayed up late talking and it just got me so much more excited to spend more time with him starting tomorrow.

Many, many thanks to Torrie for letting me crash on her floor and for making John and I such awesome basil grits and buttered cornbread for breakfast! Lovely.

One final note, Madison is definitely the most un-welcoming town so far when it comes to how friendly the town is to outsiders which is a bummer. The parking is really expensive and you can’t park on the street overnight or you’ll get a parking ticket even if you have no other option. It kind of bummed me out that such a cool town isn’t more open to people visiting. If you are just visiting town, you shouldn’t have to worry about moving your car every 2 hours and shelling out $15 to park on the street for the afternoon. It’s so awesome that the town is bike-friendly, but it’d be nice if it was visitor friendly too! End rant.