I always get excited to drive into Chicago. Everything is so fast (literally) and big and it’s a great town. Neither Frank or I had every played in Chicago before so we weren’t expecting too much. We definitely got more than we bargained for though.

Show Info:

Location: Cafe Mustache in Chicago

Date: 10.09.10

With: The Spend and Young Sun(s)

There was a good crowd at the Chicago show which wade a million times better with the fact that Frank’s buds (and I would say mine as well) Luke and Seth came and hung out with us. It was good to see those guys again as they are two great dudes. The show went pretty well with a really great set from The Spend and a really good one from Young Suns. I swapped CDs with Matt from The Spend and his record is really, really good. Super low-key stuff similar to Mark Kozelek, but with classical guitar flourishes thrown in for good measure.

After the show Frank and I had one of the most bizarre nights of all time, but in a good way! We first hung out with the guys for our new friend Stephen’s birthday which was a great time. Then, our simple desire to find a place to sleep for the night ended up giving us a night not dissimilar from Dude, Where’s My Car. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. It was crazy. In the process we got to make some new friends though which is always fun. Christa, Michelle, and Liese were super nice hosts and we owe them a HUGE thank you.

The next morning, still tired from our whirlwind night in Chicago, Frank and I went back to Cafe Mustache for some cappuccinos and chill time before we drove to Milwaukee. I dozed in and out at the coffee shop and got nothing accomplished. I’m still recovering from that night I think.

Of course, when we got to the car, there was a not-so-nice surprise waiting for us. Apparently Chicago does NOT respect the Lord’s day. Who knew?