After our Brandenburg show we decided to refuel our spirits in Louisville before heading to Indianapolis. We stayed up late (as expected) hanging out with Sean, Nate, and friends and then spent the whole next afternoon trying to get caught up on blog posts (these take lots and lots of time!) and booking shows for later in the tour. Things on that end are going super duper well and I can’t wait to meet up with John and play some shows with him, but I’m totally bummed about only having 3 days left with Frank. It’s really strange parting ways with someone when you’ve been with them 24 hours a day for almost 2 months. Make sure to check out his tour dates here and go out and see him and give him a hug. 


Show Info:

Location: Calvin Fletcher’s in Indianapolis

Date: 10.07.10

With: Laura K. Balke and Neil Kjeldsen

We were totally surprised by lots of our friends driving from Bloomington, Anderson, and beyond to see us in Indy. We packed Calvin Fletchers out and it was easily our favorite show of the tour so far. It was really special seeing and spending time with everyone. The folks at the shop were incredibly kind to stay open late for us. You should check this place out. Great coffee and a super cool atmosphere.





The show in Indianapolis was one we were really looking forward to for 2 big reasons. One of them is named Neil Kjeldsen who is one of the most incredible songwriters Frank and I have ever played with. What? You don’t know who he is? That’s ok. You will someday. Neil’s set was so good. I got chills during his last song. I talked him up to some friends and he totally surpassed my expectations. Plus, he’s a great dude. He’s really just got it together. I can’t wait until his record comes out. You should keep your ears open for it. It’ll be amazing.



The second reason we were excited about the show is the lovely and unforgettable Laura K. Balke. Her set was incredible and it was so cool to hear some of her new songs. Frank and I toured with her for 2 weeks last year and she has been one of my dearest friends since. It’s always such a pick-me-up to see her.


After the show we all hung out and got some diner food before retiring to Laura’s apartment where we just chilled out with Ben from ITFOW and Davy and just listened to 70s records. It was blissful. trulymadlydeeply


After waking up earlier than normal, we headed up to the Upland/Marion area to get work done and hang out before our show in St. Joe which is just outside of Fort Wayne. I spent the afternoon at Payne’s on the old ‘puter and worked and ate a delicious salmon burger AND had some special visitors who were on their way to Louisville!



Show Info:

Location: The Barn in St. Joe, Indiana

Date: 10.08.10

With: The Great Flood Catastrophe and Darkroom


Frank and I headed out to St. Joe after that not knowing what we were going to find. I got there first and pulled up to realize that our show was at an actual barn on a farm kind of in the middle of nowhere. It was actually one of the coolest venues I’ve ever played. I really loved it. Plus, the dude Clay who runs it was SO nice and cool. He’s doing the community an awesome service by running The Barn. I don’t know if the kids were very into my set or not, but we had a great time. Frank and I couldn’t help but feel like the old dudes at the punk show, but it was great.






A band from Fort Wayne called The Great Flood Catastrophe played after us and got the crowd going crazy. They were kind of a mix between Something Corporate and Taking Back Sunday. They were nice dudes too!


After them was perennial favorites and our good buds Darkroom. It’s always such a treat to see them and hear their incredible songs. We met some new folks and hung out with some old buds. Then we got to crash with Kyle and his awesome wife Lydia. They treated us like kings and gave us the royal treatment! Plus, they had awesome dogs named Sam and Mia! We’ve met a lot of cool dogs so far.