Show Info:

Location: The Couse House in Nashville, TN

Date: 10.05.10

With: The Champion and His Burning Flame

After a lovely lunch in Jefferson City, Frank and I trudged to Nashville. Frank was sleepy so I took the wheel on beautiful I-40. When the traffic isn’t too bad, it’s one of the prettiest drives ever. It was a quiet ride and it was just what I needed.

We pulled into Mike and Ashley’s house not really knowing what the night would entail. I had not even met them yet, but HOLY HEFEWEIZENS, they are such amazingly kind and wonderful people. They bought us Thai food and opened their home to our show and they even brought tons of friends! Ah. I’m about to get on a rabbit trail here, but…

When you’re out on the road like this, its really hard not to get super attached to the good folks that you meet. Traveling is a very solitary adventure by nature and when you get to spend time with folks who are caring and kind, it is incredibly impactful. People like Mike and Ashley really make the road feel like home and even though I may have just met them, I feel as if they are old friends. That’s probably really creepy for them, but I can’t help it. So, Thanks Mike and Ashley. It really means so much.

Anyway, the show was amazing. As a musicians, it is always a little terrifying playing in Nashville. Most of the people in town are musicians which is intimidating because no one really cares about what you’re doing. Thankfully with this show, a bunch of folks came out who just wanted to hang out and make friends and listen to good tunes. They got their good tunes with The Champion and His Burning Flame who tore up the place. Those dudes were incredibly talented and incredibly kind. They, along with Mike and Ashley, totally changed my opinion of Nashville for the better. What a great time! It was great to also meet Ellie and Kami, Caleb, Tim, Brian, Trevor, Robin, Christy, and everyone else who’s name I forget. It was a truly wonderful night.

Also, Mike and Ashley have one of the most amazing dogs ever. His name is Walter and he won my heart.


Show Info:

Location: Studio Brew in Brandenburg, KY

Date: 10.06.10

With: Calvin Fackler (The Foxery)

After Nashville we headed to Brandenburg, KY which is always such a great stop. We have some friends who grew up in Brandenburg who have a band in Louisville now and they’ve always treated us so well.

We played in a new spot called Studio Brew which is run by the lovely ladies, Jen and Renee. They were incredibly accommodating and kind and there was a great turnout of folks who really seemed to enjoy the fact that we came. It was mostly new faces, but it was great to see Katie again (sorry for being creepy) as well as my main dudes Calvin, Joseph, and Travis.

Calvin Fackler’s set was incredible. The dude has a voice tailor made for the stage, and his songwriting is honest and earnest and wonderful. I get more and more impressed with him every time I see him. It was the perfect fit for the night. Everyone was super into the show and we even had some of the local law enforcement come out to the show just to listen to the music! That’s probably not very rock n roll though…