Show info:

Location: The Green Lantern in Lexington, KY

Date: 10.03.10

With: Matt Duncan and Englishman

After all the craziness (/goodness) that happened in Louisville, Frank and I were completely exhausted, but still really looking forward to our show in Lexington. We had the good fortune to be playing with two of my favorite songwriters in the Midwest, Matt Duncan and Andrew English (aka Englishman). The night was made even better when our good friends from Cincinnati, Margaret and Andrea, road-tripped it to come see us play!

Matt Duncan has a classic sound that is so spot-on that you don’t know if the song was written in the 70’s or now. His songs are really so good. He played my favorite song “Beacon” which was amazing. Unfortunately he didn’t have his band with him, but he was still an amazing performer. He played a lot of new songs that I wasn’t familiar with and they were all great. I can’t wait for his next record.

Englishman was up last and was pretty transcendent. Andrew’s songs are soft and powerful like I hope my songs are. I really feel a kinship to his songs and his style. Matt was playing keys and singing harmonies and fleshing the songs out and it was perfect. Such a relaxing and reverent way to end the night. It was really moving.

Being as tired as we were, Frank and I broke down and got a hotel room and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made all tour. It was amazing to sleep in a comfy bed and have plenty of room to spread out. Definitely not a regular occurrence on our budget, but it was amazing. Plus, hotel rooms are kind of my favorite places in the world (I know that’s a crazy statement but it’s true).


the next morning

Show info:

Location: Breezey’s House in Jefferson City, TN

Date: 10.04.10

With: Jamie McGregor


After getting a ridiculously huge breakfast in Lexington we decided to spend the afternoon in Knoxville before our show in Jefferson City, TN. We found a cozy coffee shop and planted roots for awhile. We are perpetually in need of peaceful afternoons to get work done and to rest, so it was the perfect spot. Of course, we were itching to hang out with Breezey at our show and were just waiting for her to get done with class.

We pulled into Jefferson City, which doubles as a small college town and a ghost town, and made our way to Breezey’s new place where our show was going to be. She bought us pizza (amazing!) and then we had an incredible house show with our old buddy Jamie McGregor. We made some new friends Nikki, Brandon, Drew, Linlee, etc. and got to spend some time with our old buds Breezey and Alex! Even though I scared off 3 girls as soon as I was finished, it ended up being a great time and only the beginning of the night.

After everyone left and things settled down, Frank and I decided to do some exploring around downtown Jefferson City which has been forgotten about by the world over the years. What seemed like a fun adventure, turned terrifying and spooky, but we found our way back to hang out with Breezey and Bijou (the cat) before bed. My apologies to the wonderful Breezey for keeping her up too late and for partying too hard.