It has come and gone and I am certainly worse for the wear, but XRA FEST 2010 was one of the best weekends of all time.
The first night was a show at Russian Recording with Either/Or, Frank Schweikhardt, Metavari, and Alexander the Great. It was one of the raddest shows ever with great sets by everyone.

Day 2 started of write with the XRA cookout all afternoon which turned into XRA FEST Night 2 at The Bishop which was one of the single greatest shows I’ve ever been to. First was Osteoferocious, then a real treat of a mixed set from Vollmar and Homecomings, then some BS, then Rodeo Ruby Love, then husband&wife. It was super great. I mean it. It did good things for my heart and bad things to my sweat glands. I am going to skip writing about what an amazing job everyone did and how good it was to see everyone even though those are both super true and leave you with a bunch of photos.