After our time in Marion, Frank and I headed down to spend a few days in Bloomington so we could both practice with our respective bands for XRA FEST 2010 (!!!). It was a great time where we got to hang out a lot with our friends, get some practicing done, and rest up a bit before our journeying across the US. There are never any dull moments in Bloomington though, so the resting was actually quite minimal.

Our consecutive string of dates started last night in Fort Wayne, IN as we played at The Dash-In with Metavari and The Bronzed Chorus. I have known and loved Metavari for quite a while now, but was mostly unfamiliar with The Bronzed Chorus other than the fact that I had heard good things, and the fact that I’ve seen their name everywhere when I’ve been booking shows. That’s always a pretty good sign that a band is working hard and sometimes it means that they are good. The Bronzed Chorus is not good. No, they are much, much better than that; they are one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a very long time. There are only two members of this instrumental band, yet somehow their music is more entertaining that almost any 7-piece band. Their music is complex, catchy, and heavy in all the right ways. To call it post-rock would lazy and would mask their creativity and musicianship. Adam plays guitar like a wild man with the biggest board of tastefully used pedals I’ve ever seen and not only does Hunter thrash on the drums like a mathematic Animal (the Muppet), but he also plays the keyboard and the Atari. It was a revelatory set that completely blew me away and had me thinking “I really love music.” It was powerful and made all the more impressive by the dudes being super nice and good guys.

“Underpass Sunshine” – The Bronzed Chorus (off of I’m the Spring)

Metavari was incredible as usual. I really love this band and have written lots about them in the past. They pulled out some of the newer jams from their most recent vinyl EP and they were so good.

“Cerulean” – Metavari (off of Be One of Us and Hear No Noise)





TJ Maxx

MDA birthday lunch

Frank and Peter

Fozzy Bear!