I have spent a bunch of time in Grant County, Indiana over the past few weeks and have been inundated with good folks and new friends. It’s been a pretty huge blessing for me to have spent the last few weeks hanging out with Frank as we have been preparing for our tours, but an even bigger blessing to have met and befriended some amazing folks like Stephen, Nate and Tiffany, Josh and Shannon, Mike and Amanda, Courtney, Bob, Claire and Katrina, Jamison and Taylor, JT, and lots of others (if I’ve forgotten someone, it is unintentional!). It was also a treat to get to spend some good time with some not-so-new friends like Burke and Ashley and Little Dan. The past few weeks have been filled with bonfires, birthday parties, art fairs, dinners, lots of coffee, and late nights at the diner. I can say for sure that the last few weeks have provided some much needed quality time with quality folks.