In the immortal words of the scary guy in Mortal Kombat (I could Google his name, but I don’t want to),


Night one of the tour came up faster than I ever would have thought and it was totally wonderful. The show was in Marion, IN which is basically just down the road from where Frank and I have been staying. It was a house show at the house of one of my newest and dearest friends Stephen. It’s a really beautiful house that is kept so clean, everyone assumes a bunch of babes live there, but really it’s just a couple of dude-babes. We set up shop and waited for the hordes to come pouring through the door to make us millionaires.

People started trickling in around 8:30 and before we knew it we had a good crowd settling in and they were treated with a great set by Sam Mosey (AKA Journals). Sam claims he was battling some severe allergies and lung issues, but his set was earnest and charming in the best way. He was the only act playing whose music I didn’t know, so it was a great surprise to hear him play. His had some guitar flourishes that totally amazed me, and the feel-goodness of his set was cemented by his great melodies and head nodding rhythms.

I played after Sam. I sang a new song. I also sang a song a key and a half lower than I should have. It was only a little embarrassing. I also talked too much.

Then after me was Joshua Lemasters. I can’t say enough about what great music comes from this great guy. He had his band playing with him for what was a criminally short set. My buddy Burke played guitar for him and totally blew me away with his tasteful licks. Josh had the whole crowd just blissing out while singing along. It was one of those perfect sets that reminds you why house shows are probably the best way to go when it comes to just enjoying music and feeling like you’re a part of a musical community. It was sincerely special. I would have taken a picture, but I was too busy singing along.

After Josh, Frank got up there and played an entire set of new and unreleased tunes. It was a treat to see Frank play again because I haven’t seen it since his CD release show in the winter. Wow, that was so long ago! I have been missing out. Frank’s got a bunch of new tunes that he’s prepping for a new record and it’s going to be a knock-out. I’ve been on record many times to say that his last record Life But No More is easily one of my favorite records ever. Yeah, I can’t say much more than that.

Well, after/during the show I got to meet lots of great folks and hang out a bit with some old friends and new friends. Marion has garnered a very hometown feel for me recently because of all the great people here. The city itself obviously has a lot of struggles with racial/crime/poverty issues which seems to be an unavoidable thing these days and is a huge bummer, but the town feels very much like home.

Every town is exactly as good as the people it contains.