So, I just woke up from my 4 hours of sleep after driving straight from Austin, TX to Louisville, KY with my buddy Sean (18 hours due to traffic…). I’ve got some errands to run in Louisville, but then I’m headed off to pick up some things and say some goodbyes to folks in Bloomington before I head up to Michigan where I will call home for the foreseeable future.

But, I thought I’d give you a quick recap of all that went down at SXSW.

  • I went down to play the Buzzgrinder (NOT Buddyhead) Day Party which had lots of great bands like The Seedy Seeds, Wax Fang, J Mascis/Sweet Apple, The Royal Bangs, Ha Ha Tonka, These United States, Vandaveer, The Henry Clay People, husband&wife, Look Mexico, Jaguar Love (ex-Blood Brothers), Quest for Fire + more
  • I also got to play 2 other shows while there with The Seedy Seeds, Lucky Pineapple, The Loyal Divide + others.
  • I found out that the guys in Wax Fang and The Royal Bangs are some of the nicest dudes of all time.
  • I accidentally walked into Rachel Ray.
  • I got to see other AMAZING sets by Danielson (!!!), Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore w/ Cheyenne Mize, J Roddy Walston and The Business, DM Stith + more
  • I got to lay in the grass at midnight and listen to sets by The Drive-By Truckers (sorry Margaret), Broken Social Scene, and Band of Horses
  • I found out that Matthew McConaughey wears bedazzled green berets and gets stumbling drunk by 11:30am and that when he is drunk he loves to give hugs to everyone. Also, he likes terrible hippie reggae.
  • I almost got in a fight with (ex-Blood Brothers) Jaguar Love as they cussed me out from the stage saying terrible things about me due to something that I didn’t even do. They thought I cut off their vocals, but really their sound guy overheated the soundboard. (Cody V. apologized, but Johnny never did.)
  • I found out that if Buddyhead gets their car towed, they are free of any obligations for a minimum of three days. His phone number is….nevermind.
  • There’s more, but I still have 500 miles of driving to do.

Be good. Be safe. See you soon.