Me and some of my work buds were standing around talking today due to the fact that some computer fiber-failures made it so we couldn’t work all day. While we were talking we got on the topic of Power Rangers and MegaZord and whether Billy the Blue Ranger was worthless or not (he was), whether Tommy was the green or the white ranger first (green), and a number of related topics which confuse me as to the depth of my knowledge (apparently I watched it more than I think I did). During that same conversation we also were talking about chicken nuggets and the two ideas morphed together so beautifully that I had to put it on paper. I have to give credit to Greg from work for coming up with the idea of Mighty Morphin’ Chicken Nuggets. If you are unaware of the properties of MegaZord, then you may be confused by this. Either way, I’m hungry.

CHICKENZORD (AKA Mighty Morphin’ Chicken Nuggets)

by Scott Kirkpatrick