Some of my more adventurous friends convinced me to go to the Maple Syrup Fest at Michael and LeeAnn’s Sugarbush in Salem, IN. We left the house at 10 am on Saturday morning and made the journey down to Salem. Even though we got lost and we all had to pee, there were still some waffles left when we got there.

At the Fest, there was hatchet throwing, loads of waffles with mounds of toppings, maple syrup demonstrations by a real Indian (with a dishtowel loincloth), a fiddle barn (complete with that one Charlie Daniels song and fiddle storytelling), and a Sugarshack where you can buy all the sweets your heart could desire. I picked up a bottle of the Grade-A Dark Amber syrup, and let me tell you- it’s unreal.

I know there aren’t a lot of pics, and they don’t look great, but this is my blog and that’s all I’ve got. Enjoy and come next year.