Without too much time to recover from XRA Fest, Frank, Grant and I packed up the car to head to Marion.  We were in luck though because Kim decided to delay her return to Peoria and follow us up to Marion which provided a little more leg room and some extra fun times.

The show in Marion was at Frank’s friend Mike’s house, and we set  up everything in the garage.  All in all, it was a great show and we got to meet some sweet new folks which was cool.  There weren’t too many folks there, but everyone who was there was really fun and into what was going on.  There was a local guy who played first, but I didn’t really get the chance to meet him because he took off right after he played.  Oh well.  Marion is actually a really cool town and we had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone.  After the show we drove to Van Buren, Indiana to stay at Frank’s parent’s house which was awesome.  I slept in Frank’s old bed, which is kind of like a tree house fort with a secret room and hidden compartments and other amazing odds and ends.  I was able to read a new book called Earthboy Jacobus (from the creator of Earthworm Jim) before I fell asleep (it was fantastic), and then read Vol. 1 of The Walking Dead in the morning which was awesome.  I’ve been burning through some books since I’ve been on the road and it’s a great feeling.  Lately, I’ve been on a huge graphic novel kick which has been really interesting and super fun!

We all slept in and warmed up some delicious veggie lasagna that Frank’s mom had frozen.  We packed up our stuff and headed to Indianapolis to pick up Tim and Zac (who were playing w/ Frank) and the van.  Then we made our way to Columbus for a show at Andyman’s Treehouse w/ Kyle Sowash which is always a good time.  We played frisbee for quite awhile before the show which was a great time.  My old friend Becky came to the show in Columbus and it was super good to see her and catch up.  She’s from back hom in Michigan and is getting her doctorate at OSU which is cool.  We had a great convo, and it’s always just a huge blessing to see old friends on the road.  Actually, the best part about touring is getting to spend time with people you don’t ever get to see.  We pretty much get to spend time with old friends and make new ones every single night.  This is the life for sure!   The show was fun and we got to meet some cool folks as usual.  The venue epically failed at spelling Frank’s name which was hilarious.

We drove after the show in Cinci to get Grant home for work the next morning, so we didn’t get to sleep til about 6AM which has unfortunately been the norm for this tour.  We have been up so so late every night and sleeping in longer than I like, but it’s always good to be in Cincinnati!  We headed to our first show of the night at a coffee shop called Taza.  The show was sparsely attended, but was a lot of fun and it sounded really good.  I left a guitar cable there which is always a bummer.  The band Fanatics and Traitors played after us and they did a great job.

After that we headed to The Comet for burritos and lots of hang time with old friends.  It was a good show and it’s always great to see my Cinci folks like Margaret, Dave McClain, Steven and Isabel, Grant, Jasmine and others.  Also, I got to meet 2 of Franks friends (Laura and Jeremiah) and had a great time getting to know them.  There seemed to be a lot of folks who were enjoying the tunes and the show went quite well.  Unfortunately, we had to still drive to Bloomington after the show so we didn’t get to go to bed again til almost 5am.

Frank and I were kind of stuck in Bloomington without a car so we lazied around the house all morning (Frank slept til 3) and I got a bunch of reading done.  I have officially gotten through like 8 books on tour so far.  It’s been pretty great.  I’m really excited to read Rabbit, Run by John Updike which Zack Melton loaned to me.  I really like Updike, but haven’t gotten the chance to read this one yet.  I only have 4 more books to go through and I’ll get to it.  Shouldn’t take more than a few days though.

That afternoon we left for Indy to do a house show with Laura Balke.  It was SO much fun, folks.  There were lots of people there who were totally into what was going on and we had a great time.   We got a surprise visitor later in the night named Tex and he treated us to lots of renditions of Al Green and The Temptations.  He even did some Curtis at my request.  There might be some video of this.  I will try to find it. I was really bummed that I didn’t get to see some of my Indy friends due to various circumstances, but it was such a fun night.

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast at The Donut Shop we headed to Louisville with Laura for our show at Skull Alley which was the first (and only) show which was pretty much a total bust.  Even with nobody being there, it was so fun to get to see and joke around with Jamie Barnes.  Again, it’s so nice to hang out with folks I haven’t spent time with in a long time.  Jamie told an embarassing story about me from stage, but that’s ok because he played almost all of my favorite jams during his set and it took me back to when him and I used to play shows together all the time before I had even started Chemic.  Jamie is a great dude, and you will most likely love everything he ever puts out musically.

In Louisville we got to hang out with Sean which is also always a treat.  Sean and Brittanie are the most accommodating folks ever and they are 2 of my absolute favorites.  We stopped by Sunergos Coffee (my favorite!) and then headed to Brandenburg the next morning.  We were super pumped about the Brandenburg especially since it was going to be The Foxery’s EP release show.  When we got there we found out that the high school had a home football game that night which totally killed the crowd, but I mentioned the idea of pushing the start time back quite a bit and going to the game to pass out handbills.  It actually worked out well and we had a great night with the kids in Brandenburg.  Brandenburg folks, you’ll always be some of our favorites!  By the way, The Foxery was great last night.  They just keep getting better and better.  Get their new EP.

We drove back to Louisville after the show and went to the Nachbar with Sean.  Shenanigans and hijinks ensued per usual.  We went to bed super late and woke up super late (again, status quo) and now I’m writing you before we leave for Nashville tonight for a sweet house show!  I’ll post photos in a separate entry for you.   I won’t bother trying to explain the photos.  Just enjoy the randomness and exploration that comprises being a touring musician.

Hopefully I’ll get to run into you soon.  I’m sure I will.