So, I told you earlier that I would have to share a bit of my trip from Aberdeen to Cincinnati with you.  I left Aberdeen with a gigantic peanut butter shake courtesy of The Dairy Yum Yum, and made my way down OH HWY 52 which just snakes along the Ohio River on the Kentucky/Ohio border.  It was a very pretty drive and its always nice when any leg of your tour entails travel not on a major interstate.  Most of the time on tour I am in a hurry, but for this trip I wasn’t on a time crunch at all.  I had lots of time to kill so I just took my time and took in the sights.  I decided to stop in Point Pleasant, Ohio because that is the birthplace of General and President Ulysses S. Grant.  The town of Point Pleasant is very small and very cozy and they have erected a few things across the street from a quaint little rest-area which affords almost the only parking to look around.

I got out and went up to the little museum which is located in the house in which he was born, but it was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and this was a Tuesday.  So, I snapped a few photos, read the historical signage and went back to rest area to have a quick look, but actually found more than I bargained for.  The rest area was tiny, but it was very pretty because it overlooked the Ohio River at a fairly undeveloped part and it was about 15-20 feet above the river on a little bluff.  I found some stairs off to the side that went down to the river and I was able to walk up and down the river for about an hour.  It was absolutely gorgeous and hot and very peaceful.  Without too much human intervention there (besides the trash residue from the river being high previously), it was hard for me not to get really excited about the thought of someone actually getting to explore the rivers and land of America before it was massively settled.  There is so much serenity to untouched nature that isn’t allowed in our schedules and it can be unsettling, overwhelming, and absolutely wonderful.  So, I walked up and down the shore of the river, skipped a couple of rocks, and planted another flag on a part of this huge country which I am slowly and surely claiming for myself.


More photos can be found here.