OK.  So tour has been super duper BUSY.  It seems like I haven’t had more than a few moments to get anything done.  This is a good thing though.

On Tuesday I made the drive to Cincinnati from Aberdeen, OH because my friend Margaret asked me to come sing with her at a show she was doing at The Southgate House with Daniel Martin Moore and Vandaveer.  The drive was gorgeous and I have pictures of that trip which I’ll have to retroactively post in the next day or so.  Anyway, I couldn’t pass up a chance to see such a great show, and I always enjoy getting to hang out and talk with Mark and Rose in Vandaveer so I knew it’d be a fun time.

The show at Southgate House was a lot of fun and went fairly well despite a smaller crowd than everyone was hoping for/expecting.  Margaret has an unbelievable band called The Seedy Seeds, but that night she was doing songs from her great side-project called Junebaby.  She writes really fantastic melodies and I’m just a fan all-around of her writing.

Daniel Martin Moore really surprised me actually.  His set was subtle and beautiful.  His songwriting and personality were super charming and he had a full band behind him which really fleshed everything out.  The full band didn’t do too many heroics though so while they really rounded out the sound, it was the songs that really were the focus.  I liked that.  It’s almost startling when you meet folks out on the road who are genuinely warm and friendly and Daniel is certainly one of those folks.  I have been blessed to run into a lot of those folks lately actually.

After DMM, Vandaveer got up there and just KILLED it!  Despite Rose being incredibly under the weather, they were amazing.  Mark songwriting and stage presence is through the roof, and somehow Rose makes it quite a bit better with the sweetest harmonies you’ve heard since Emmylou Harris and maybe ever.  Their new record Divide and Conquer is so good.  Get it.  Listen and love.

The next day Grant and I drove to Lexington to Al’s Bar to play with The Daredevil Christopher Wright.  I was pumped about this show because Al’s Bar is such a sweet place and has the greatest black bean burgers ever.  Plus, The Daredevil Christopher Wright is a really sweet band that I’d heard nothing but great things about.  Unfortunately due to various factors, the crowd was super sparse, but it was so great to get to hang out and talk with the guys from DdCW and see them play because they were so good.  They are definitely one of the cooler bands I’ve gotten to see in quite a while.  You should check them out as well.

We drove back to Louisville after the show because our accomodations fell through, but it was ok because we holed up with Sean and Brittanie.  Since we didn’t get in til 2:30 we slept in a bit and took the afternoon to go visit the restaurant I used to work at to get some lunch.  It was good to see a few folks I hadn’t seen in a while and it’s always a reminder that I am continually surrounded by great people in my life and I need to really be aware of that fact and stay in contact with everyone more than I do.  It can be so overwhelming sometimes for me, but it’s worth it.

Anyway, Grant and I headed to The 930 Listening Room to get ready for our show with Vandaveer (!) and Squeezebot.  I wasn’t really sure what kind of crowd to expect because there were a few other shows going on in town and didn’t know if they would pull the crowd, but it ended up being really fantastic.  Kevin Janes at The 930 is the kindest and most accomodating promoter I’ve ever come across.  He does such great work there, and that is easily the nicest venue in the Midwest in terms of how they treat the artist/sound/atmosphere.  I hope Louisville folks start really going to more shows there because it is truly a music venue and it bring some great shows to town that wouldn’t be able to happen otherwise.  Speaking of, they are bringing in Mount Eerie on November 5th and that show is going to be so amazing.

Anyway, I got to see some great old friends (BC and Emily, Joey and Noelle, Mick, Audra, and others) and got to meet some new folks at the show which is always a treat.  The crowd was super attentive and receptive to the songs and it was kind of the perfect show for me.

Mark and Rose got up after I did and did just what they always do.  They captivated and amazed everyone and totally brought the house down.  I thought they were going to get a standing ovation (which they deserved).  Mark and Rose are both genuinely sweet people and it’s always refreshing to get to hang out with them and play shows with them.  I’m really looking forward to heading out to DC one of these days and doing a show with them out there.

After them was Squeezebot who are a gypsy-ish rock band that is comprised of drums, accordian, banjo and tuba.  They were really great and put on a great show.  Another great band I’ve got to meet on the road.

After the show, Grant and I headed to a great night at Nachbar which is one of the places I really miss from Louisville.  It’s such a cool place and the perfect bar.  Plus it was a beautiful night so it was great to just hang out in the beergarten and catch up with some old friends.

Today we are heading out to Bloomington, IN to do a radio show and then XRA Fest!!  I’ll take some pictures.  But don’t take my word for it…