Little did I know, but many more adventures abounded during my weekend stay in Aberdeen. From abandoned race tracks to fishing to graveyards to flat tires, it never had a dull moment. The first thing we decided that we wanted to do Monday morning was go fishing. So, we headed on over to Brittanie’s parents to pick up Joey and go catch a few big ones. Of course, no time spent with Joey is without some sort of scary creature so he broke out his tarantula for us to see. Photobucket More photos after the jump… We brought along only the best bait to catch our fish with…canned corn. Photobucket We took a few detours on the way to fishing because there were a couple views from Brittanie’s family’s road that were pretty incredible that I wanted to get shots of.  The next few pictures are from that. Photobucket Photobucket This is the view of Kentucky from Manchester, OH. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket This house just happens to be Brittanie’s bus driver’s house.  She said it’s always looked like this which is pretty amazing.  If you will take note, the white figure between the demolition derby cars is indeed a goat. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Word in the area is that this road is actually haunted by a woman who will approach blue cars at night and ask them if they’ve seen her son.  Creepy! Photobucket Upon arriving to our fishing spot (Britt and Joey’s uncle Larry’s place), Joey stuck in his line and caught this huge catfish within about 4 minutes.  Interestingly enough, he wasn’t the top fisherperson of the day.  I only caught one bluegill, but it was pretty big for a bluegill. Photobucket Photobucket This next little guy is the catfish that Brittanie caught.  It trumped Joey’s quite a bit in size.  She also caught a huge bass, and almost roped in a massive grass carp before it snapped her line.  It was pretty wild.  I think she caught like 20 bluegill too.  I felt pretty unimpressive next to her fishing prowess. Photobucket Photobucket The perfect afternoon. Photobucket Photobucket We had to leave fishing to get to Sean’s grandmother’s house for dinner with his extended family, and as soon as we got in the car it started to downpour.  It wasn’t a problem though because we were done with our outside activities for the night…or were we? Sean wanted to show us a house on the way to his grandmother’s and we pulled in down an old stretch of gravel/dirt road to turn around in.  The road ended up being gated off so we were forced to slowly back up down the road.  All of a sudden we heard a pop/scrape/crack and got out of the car to realize that the passenger side back hubcap fell off and totally sliced open the front tire as we unwittingly ran over it.  BAD NEWS for a few reasons: 1) It is pouring down rain, 2) we are on a dirt road, 3) we are more or less in Deliverance territory down a fairly forgotten side road (not visible to main road), 4) Sean is the only one who brought his cell phone and it doesn’t work, 5) Joey informed us that his parents had a flat tire the week before and used the spare for that and hadn’t put it back in yet, 6) the one house in close walking distance didn’t speak much English and didn’t have a phone either.  Jose (guy at the house) did tell us that we could probably get cell phone reception on top of the hill past the locked gate, and that we could just climb over the gate and go up there. So Sean and I went up to the top of the hill hoping it wasn’t someone’s  private property who was going to shoot us and we found an abandoned race track up there.  It was SO SWEET.  Sean called his mom and I knew I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this so I explored the race track.  An extremely bad situation yielded a really great adventure! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket After Jose and his friend informed us that we did actually have a spare, they eventually were able to wrestle it off the car and get us on our way.  We headed over to dinner and Sean’s grandparents  just so happen to have a goat farm which is pretty great in my book. Photobucket The next morning we went on a walk with Brittanie’s mom and Joey to an old cemetery by their house and stopped at a few spots along the way to get some shots.  This little pond in the woods is where Brittanie and Joey put a couple goldfish several years ago, and they are apparently still alive and humongous.  Super sweet. Photobucket Power line path… Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket On our way back, we passed a piece of property where I was informed that the house had burned down earlier in the summer.  Well, that sounds like something worth seeing to me, so Joey and I walked down there to see it.  There wasn’t much left, but I thought it was kind of creepy that the pool was still up and all of the pool toys were still sitting on the little deck like they were left there yesterday.  Also, they had like 3 or 4 firepits behind the house just past the pool…wouldn’t that be a fire hazard? Photobucket Photobucket Then we concluded our walk by spotting some deer in the neighbor’s yard.  Actually if you look to the right of the pictures you can see another deer getting ready to pop out of the woods.  They both were does, but we saw a huge buck in the woods not long before this. Photobucket The next installment will be the sweet drive of HWY 52 in Ohio when I headed to Cincinnati from Aberdeen.  I can’t wait to start playing shows every night starting tonight!  Lexington here I come!