After a late night having a good time with all of my Williamsburg friends, Grant and I had a little trouble getting out of bed Tuesday morning.  We didn’t really have much of an agenda so that worked out well.  After talking things over and throwing some ideas around, we decided to walk around the town of Williamsburg and just check out the local scenery and get some footage to use in the future.  It was gorgeous and would have been absolutely perfect if there was a little better breeze, but it still made for a fantastic afternoon of checking out the town.  Williamsburg seems to have this quality to it which seems to come straight out of a David Gordon Green movie where the college is so pristine, stately, and manicured and the rest of the town, just over the railroad tracks, is falling apart and seems slightly forgotten.  There is definitely a beauty to that and I hope we were able to catch a bit of that on tape.

After shooting footage for awhile we met back up with Justin for some lunch at Dino’s in Corbin, and then made plans to go hiking to find Dog Slaughter Falls and get some good stuff there and maybe jump of a cliff into the lagoon or something.  At the very least, it would have been an exciting twist to the day so we were super stoked about it, but then it started to rain so we decided to just drive back to Cincinnati.

While Grant cleaned his room and imported video footage, I met up with my buddy Margaret who plays in an amazing band in Cincinnati and went to a place called Arlin’s in Clifton Proper.   A bunch of her kickball friends who I had met a while back were there so we had a great time just shooting the bull and I’m pretty sure I convinced 2 or 3 girls to sign up for Netflix.  Seriously, I gave a 30 minutes sales pitch about why I think that Netflix is amazing.  They said they were going to go straight home and sign up.  Netflix, you can email me for the address to send my commission check to.  This makes like 12 people I’ve gotten to use them.

Anyway, I spent the next afternoon in Cincinnati watching a ridiculous amount of old cartoons with Grant and dozed off a bit and enjoyed the sunlight pouring through the window coupled with the cool breeze of a box fan.  It made for perfect napping accomodations…granted my napping habits don’t necessitate ideal conditions!

I decided to head to Bloomington where I thought I would spend a few quiet hours at The Pourhouse and wait for Mike Adams to get out of work.  I cannot adequately preface or stress how much I love Bloomington and the folks who live here.  Most of my best friends in the world live here and it is always the most incredibly breath of fresh air to be around them.  That being said, when I walked in the back door of The Pourhouse I instantly found Kayla and April sitting near the back and Tim was behind the bar slinging coffee.  After telling me that she had first thought I was a creepy old guy (thanks April) she asked if I was hungry (which I was) because she had the leftovers of a vegetarian feast just waiting to be consumed!  It was beautiful and incredibly delicious!  Anybody on tour knows that without spending a ton of cash, it’s hard to get good down-home food, and given my recent abstinence from meat, it is even tougher.

I had the pleasant surprise of having one of my favorite people in the world Zack Melton come and find me and we walked around the campus of IU and through the streets of Bloomington catching up on each other’s crazy lives.  Zack is such a good dude, and we always have really great conversations.  I get really excited whenever we have some time to just chat because it is always a great experience for me.  We ended up just sitting in front of the library talking about books and babes while we waited for Mike to get out of work.  Well, that chump already went home while we were walking around so we went and snatched him and took him to Crescent Donuts for a late night fix.  Cresent had some really great donuts and we each drank a different colored/flavored milk.  Mine was Strawberry and it was ok.

Mike and Zack took me to this great cemetery afterward where almost all of the tombs are in above ground containers in these huge parking garages or something (mauseleum?).  Zack and Mike were peeing their pants about every reflection of light and I was being a man and actually wanted to get out of the car and walk around, but they weren’t having it.  Maybe we’ll get to go again tomorrow night.  Mike wasn’t feeling great so he had to get home and guzzle some Nyquil.

I’m heading off to bed here in a moment and really excited to have lunch with Tim tomorrow, hang with Zack, meet up with April, practice some jams, maybe write something, and play a sweet show with DM Stith, Desolation Wilderness, and Vollmar.   I’m so totally stoked for this show because the other bands are all amazing.  It’s most likely going to be one of my favorite shows of the tour.

After that is Louisville, and maybe a trip to Maysville, KY this weekend!  Hope you’re having almost as much fun as I am…but I doubt it.