First night of the tour = major success!

This morning I started driving at 10:15am in Midland, MI and arrived in Williamsburg, KY at 7:30pm which made for a LONG day on the road.  In the middle of that, I picked Grant up in Cincinnati and he rode with me the last 2 1/2 hours as we did a bunch of NY Times crosswords on his iPhone.  It was really nice to have someone else in the car.  Normally I despise driving  a lot due to my Narcolepsy (I realize this is pretty backward for someone who wants to tour full time), but today was just so incredibly beautiful on the entire drive.  The sun was shining, I was blaring The Mountain Goats’ Sunset Tree record (for about 4 hours straight!) and having a great time eating pumpkin seeds, Kashi bars, and Brach’s Maple Nut Goodies.  About an hour into my trip, I had this startling realization that I was embarking on tour which is exactly what I want to be doing with my life, and how incredibly blessed I am to be able to say that.  It really kind of knocked me back a bit and with the soft warmth of the sun through my window, I just soaked that all up.

Like I had mentioned, I picked up Grant in Cinci, and that made the rest of the trip go really fast.  It’s super helpful for me, with the Narcolepsy, to have someone else in the car and of course it’s (almost) always nice to have people to talk to.  We made to Williamsburg in fine shape and after about 15 minutes of driving around on the wrong side of campus we made our way to The Angel Dale House where the concert was to be.  There wasn’t anybody there at first, but I set everything up and eventually a ton of folks showed up for the party.  We were informed that we needed to play outside which normally I wouldn’t like doing do with Bro. Stephen due to the vibe, but it was a lot of fun and folks seemed to really enjoy it.  It was awesome to get to see some old friends like Spoon, Cooper, Brett, and Justin.  I dated a girl for quite a while that went to school there so I have made a lot of friends there and have spent a massive amount of time in Williamsburg.  It was good to be back.  The people here are the salt of the earth.  Grant and I actually talked about that for a bit.  Everyone is so incredibly friendly and unpretentious and refreshing.  It was great.  I also had the pleasure of meeting some new folks too!  If you’re out there, it was wonderful to see you again General Lee (Rob), and it was great to meet you Nick, Shawn, Michael, Joshua, Katie, Hope and everyone else who came up to say hello!

After I played, my good buddies The Sowing Season played and did a great job.  TSS consists of Brett, Justin, and Rob and it was my first time getting to see these guys in this band and I really enjoyed it.  They’ve got a great track called “Wake Now, City!” over on their myspace so check it out.

After the show and talking and mingling, we loaded up the vehicles and headed back to the house where Cooper, Justin, and Spoon live.  Brett, Justin, Grant, and I all stayed up pretty late listening/talking about/playing music and just catching up with each other.  It is always so incredibly refreshing to me to get to spend time with good folks.  We had some great conversation and just enjoyed pontificating about anything and everything.

Grant has been loading up the video from tonight, and it looks good (apart from me being in it)…I kid, I kid.

I don’t know how many folks are going to be reading this, but if you are I hope you are as excited as I am and that you know how grateful I am to be in the position in which I find myself: travelling, re-aquainting with old friends, meeting new friends, and playing music.  This is why I am here.